Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spring Fling

I've been super busy lately with lots of fun projects. Firstly the Wooly Walk a Long which is a collective Yarn Bombing on the Devonport Wharf, Devonport, Auckland. It will hopefully remain there for the duration of the Rugby World cup. If you are in Auckland do take time out to go and see it as it is amazing, with over 90 pieces of knitting/ crotchet from over 9 different countries. Theres over 80 metres of knitted wooly goodness to see.

For my first piece I started out with the idea of travel; people would travel from around the Globe for the RWC, and also people would travel by ferry across the harbour to Devonport. So I came up with the idea of " the other side" which lead to " the grass is greener on this side" and well then along came sheep ( perfect since NZ has so many) so then the sheep became wooly walkalongs along the handrail on the wharf.

For my second piece, I spotted some impossibly furry red wool, which was just wanting to be made into Elmo - everybodies fav. furry red monster! I thought Elmo would be fun for kids to see when they went past the yarn bombing. Most of Elmos fans are rather short and I figured that if I made Elmos arms dangle from the railing they would spot them and interact with Elmo. Elmo has been enjoying meeting new friends and giving out lots of free hugs. He had a slight mishap when some meanies pulled off one of his arms, but luckily Elmo has an angel who found his arm and we were able to replace it!

My third piece for the Wooly Walkalong is called Lowri ( say Lowri like "low tree" but without the "t") in the sky with butterflies. Its a special piece for a friend who's missing their gorgeous daughter. You might wonder why its called ..butterflies when you can only see one there, sometimes you don't need to be able to see something to know its there.

I really enjoyed creating something that was just for fun, knowing that it would spread some random hapiness about Auckland. I hope you can find time to visit Devonport Wharf and have a photo with Elmo, and if not enjoy these photos and check out;

Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring has sprung...

September already, and I'm happily welcoming Spring into the garden and the new studio, which is nearly ready for visitors. I'll do another blog post about the studio with before and after photos just before opening day. Good things really do take time, and more so when trying to reuse and repurpose rather than buying new. With a lot of effort from my husband and some great help from my Dad the double garage has been converted to a studio and extra room. I'm lucky to have gorgeous picture windows that let the sun and garden in. I'm hoping a little futher down the track once I'm settled in, I'll be able to offer workshops or classes in the creative room. Anyone care for a cloche hat making class?
A few piccies of the outside of the studio/shop space, and know that I am super busy preparing for all the spring markets , lots of new handmade happiness on its way.Oh and a shot of my homegrown grapefruit & lemons because even though I'm not a fan of yellow, I loved the yellowy goodness of them sitting in the pot about to be turned into Marmalade. Perhaps Mother Nature knows that we need a shot of colour at the end of winter and send us the promise of sunshine in the colour of citrus! Mmmmmm I love spring!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mad as a hatter?

So lately I've been somewhat busy with several new products and projects on the go. The biggest and most lengthy of which is converting the double garage into my own artist studio ( workshop and selling space). Following my Waste not want knot mantra we have been using preloved and repurposed materials as much as possible. My fabulous husband with the help of my handy Dad have installed french doors and a wonderful big picture window that lets in lots of natural light and views of the garden and local birdlife. Next up is adding the insulation and then the gibbing starts! Getting the studio finished is very distracting, but also exciting as I can't wait to have a well lit, orderly creative space!
This month I've been finishing the first of my vintage styled Cloche hats. I hand block each hat using vintage hat blocks, a steamer, some eco. friendly hat stiffener( not easy to find!) and 100% wool capelines/hoods. I'm looking forward to taking the hats to Kraftbomb at the end of this month for their big reveal and to get some feedback.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wintertime Whimsies

Winter has come to my garden, the leaves have fallen and despite Mays record warm temps, the evenings have a bite to them, and we have started to use the fireplace again. My girls are enjoying taking their hotties to bed at night and I've noticed a surge in online hottie cover sales!
I've been busy sewing and creating to keep up with sales and to replenish the stocks after Craft2.0 in April, and to prepare for Craft 2.0 in wellington July 2nd.
I have some new products under development which I'll have to reveal a little closer to Craft 2.0, trust me they are worth waiting for and just what one needs this time of year.
In the meanwhile I have the hottie covers in wonderful new shades from peachy pink stripes, purples, tiffany green, and soft blues. Likewise the blanket bear family has expanded into lots of new colours, and the moko bears too have increased in number.
This weekend work starts on my artists retreat, I'm hoping we'll get the french doors in and perhaps the pink batts. It will be great to have a studio I can open up to clients who need something in between Kraftbomb and Devonport Craft Markets!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

Since the Earthquake in Christchurch my thoughts have been wandering often to friends in the South and now with the recent disaster in Japan it wanders even more. If you should see it wandering please spank its bottom and send it back.

I have some amazing events coming up including Kraftbomb, greylynn on the 27th March, and next month I'm off to Craft 2.0 in Wellington. Plus of course also in April there is that fabulous excuse to eat Chocolate- Easter!!

Preparations are well under way, I have some new products tucked patiently in the wings for craft 2.0 ( more about those in April). In the meanwhile here are some goodies as promised. Blanket Goodness; Owl Hottie covers, Blanket bears in vintage green & cream Kaipoi 100% wool blankets from CHCH. More colours available soon.

Also a little bit of an Easter Craft Ramble; My new vintage Bunny Ragdolls. These are all made from vintage textiles, doilies, and some retro velveteen that was left over from something my Mum made me in the 70's!The bunnies have fluffy tails made from old handmade lace ( except boy bunny his tail is a more manly piece of wool blanket!). They feel super soft and snuggly, I cut the velveteen so it runs down the rabbits and well, if I could I would spend all day stroking their yummy little floppy ears! The ears are lined in pieces of embroidered textiles, their clothes are all fashioned from vintage pieces from my stash under the bed! I spent quite a bit of time dithering about whether to dress them or leave them naked, because those little tails mean they are super cute sans clothes! Then I spent even more time working out how/what clothes, before working out that little dresses from vintage doilies were just the right thing! Miss M( age 9) has been enjoying watching their progress and has claimed baby bunny, I think we shall both be quite sorry to see them leave but I'm sure they will bring joy to kids big & small this easter!

And now for the housekeeping;

EarthQuake fundraising and donations;

Feltaid ( through I have donated a Zippitydoodah zipflower which sold within minutes so watch my facebook page for another zipflower for feltaid soon.
Lil Magoolie, I have donated a blanket bear to their fundraiser for CHCH, I will update my facebook page once thats online.
Craft 2.) Wellington I have donated a Morepork Doorstop so watch for details of that on facebook and closer to the event.


Kraft bomb Greylynn Community Centre 27th March 11am - 2pm

Devonport Craft Market:Community House, Clarence St, Devonport 10- 3pm April 2nd

CRAFT 2.0 WELLINGTON New Dowse Art Gallery, April 23rd 10 - 3.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earthquakes, Wooly blankets, zippers and teacosies

As I write this my thoughts are far away with my friends in Christchurch as they cope after Tuesdays 6.3 earthquake. I feel helpless being so far away and unable to do anything very constructive. As is the awesome- ness of all people crafty I will join with other crafters donating product to help raise funds for Christchurch, So watch this space for more info on that to come soon.
Also there is a neat little project called Softies for Christchurch. People are invited to make a softie ( knitted, sewn, crochet etc) and to donate it for distribution to kids in CHCH. I will be making a few softies and have set myself a challenge to invent some Boy themed softies. ( photos to come soon)
Speaking of photos, sorry I have not been updating facebook and blog as much as I want too, but I have been challenged by having my computer go on strike, so currently I'm working on a "borrowed" laptop from our "other" work.
Recently I have been working on some NEW products ( very exciting!) which I will debut at Craft 2.0 in Wellington at Easter. So watch out for some vintage themed goodies. A few little pics of Morepork doorstops which have been very popular lately. I promise some new zipflower photos soon.


KRAFTBOMB Sunday 27th Feb , Greylynn Community Centre 11am - 2pm

FIRST THURSDAYS Thursday 3rd March. 6-9PM St Kevins Arcade, K RD, Auckland city,Craft Market plus live music

ECODAY Sunday March 6th Olympic Park NEW LYNN 10am - 4pm. Lots of family activities as well as eco/ repurposed craftmarket.