Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have also been working on some new zippityDooDahs using very old,old zippers. These are my favourites as the metal teeth on them are very fine and I can achieve great petal shapes. The problem being that these older zippers are hard to find, plus the tapes are a little harder to get the needle through so my fingers get a little sore! I really like the yellow one ( and I'm not a big fan of yellow usually) it has photographed as well as I hoped, m ight have to give it another go. The pink/red one was inspired by poinsettia flowers,and  the red one ; hibiscus.

I had a very productive week last week zippity making inbetween my waste not want knot creations. This coming Sunday is Dec KraftBomb, so once again I'm busy whipping together some new exciting things! Here are some of my recent creations from my black and white phase ;-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I started making Zippity Doo Dahs earlier this year, inspiration came one evening as I was sitting on the couch playing with some unwanted zippers, I had been reading a book on Ribbon flowers and thus zippities were invented. The first proto types were swirls made from long metal toothed jacket zippers. They have slowly evolved and now they come in all sorts of different colours, and styles and sizes. I often sell them at Kraft bomb and customers are always asking whats new and suggesting I have a blog so they can follow my progress, so here it is- ENJOY !