Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring has sprung...

September already, and I'm happily welcoming Spring into the garden and the new studio, which is nearly ready for visitors. I'll do another blog post about the studio with before and after photos just before opening day. Good things really do take time, and more so when trying to reuse and repurpose rather than buying new. With a lot of effort from my husband and some great help from my Dad the double garage has been converted to a studio and extra room. I'm lucky to have gorgeous picture windows that let the sun and garden in. I'm hoping a little futher down the track once I'm settled in, I'll be able to offer workshops or classes in the creative room. Anyone care for a cloche hat making class?
A few piccies of the outside of the studio/shop space, and know that I am super busy preparing for all the spring markets , lots of new handmade happiness on its way.Oh and a shot of my homegrown grapefruit & lemons because even though I'm not a fan of yellow, I loved the yellowy goodness of them sitting in the pot about to be turned into Marmalade. Perhaps Mother Nature knows that we need a shot of colour at the end of winter and send us the promise of sunshine in the colour of citrus! Mmmmmm I love spring!

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