Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've had the concept for my new Owl zip purses sketched out in my notebook for quite some time. I recently made time to stop and draft out a pattern and work out how I wanted them to look. I really wanted to have some hand embroidery embellishments mixed in with some machine appliques ( saves time and means the finished product is not too expensive). I gathered up some pieces from my extensive  vintage blanket collections and started to play with the colours....

Each purse has a unique colourway and I've used vintage and retro mini  cotton prints for the linings. All the zippers I have used have come from my extensive collection of hoarded zips - Did I mention I  have thousands of previously unwanted zippers!

Heres a wee look at how the Owl Purses turned out...

You'll find the wee owl purses over in my felt store . They are the perfect size to fit in a handbag, and roomy enough to fit a cellphone or an ipod, or use it to store your cards and coins.

A wee reminder that I'll be at the following markets this June

Saturday June 16th  10 - 2pm Crafternoon Tea , New North rd, Kingsland, Auckland
Sunday June 24th 11am - 2pm KraftBomb, Greylynn Community Centre, Richmond Rd, Greylynn
Saturday 30th June 10 - 3pm Craft2.0 Chaffers Dock building - WELLINGTON 
Sunday 1st July 10 -2pm Devonport CraftMarket, Community House, Clarence st, Devonport.Auckland.

Friday, June 8, 2012

If there is an award for the worlds worst blogger, then possibly I'd win it. Apologies for the long wait for an update. Things have been busy in the studio with lots of creativity and dreaming and planning.  This month you can see a little of me working in my studio on Hearts n Crafts a new programme thats running on TV7, Saturdays at 6:30pm. My little piece will be on the 16th June.

With the weather turning colder, the hotties have been enjoying lots of wonderful publicity in features in Viva Magazine, NZ  and currently in Peppermint magazine , Australia. They have been zooming off to all corners of the globe and it alway lovely to hear stories about where they end up.

Today in the studio a little bit of a bird theme has been developing....

A little peek at what I've been up to over the last wee while. Its quite nice working with the vintage blankets during this colder weather.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This year is Marching on, At home we've been squirrelling away things for winter, and keeping true to the waste not want knot values, thats meant collecting tree fellings and trimmings for firewood and freezing the last of the home grown blueberries, we simply must have blueberry muffins for as long as possible.
It's also meant that I've been thinking of winter; and so I finally made up a few more Hottie cover designs that have been waiting patiently in my sketchbook of random thoughts and ideas.

Having a sketch book with all my ideas and thought that I dream up means that when I get stuck in a rut I can flip to a page and remember something I wanted to try but just didn't have time right then and there. Recently I looked at my stash of blankety goodness and found some solid pink blankets as well as some wonderful checks. I also through serendipity put one of the check blankets right next to an old favourite childhood book, and that is how the  Happy little whale hottie cover was born! I quite like the whale hottie cover it reminds me of  " save the whales" which fits in with my trying to recycle and remake to make new. Some of the new hotties have already been sent to Australia and Canada and germany, I love it when they go off on worldwide travels.

On feb 22nd I found myself distracted thinking about the Christchurch Earthquake that had happened exactly a year ago. While I was remembering I was working on my pattern for the Ellie purses, cute little elephant purses that unzip when you pull their tails, perhaps my subconcious was making me make elephants because they remember and care for their family groups. Those giant creatures really are quite special.

I hope you like my new hottie covers and blankety things which have evolved over Feb/March. Hopefully I'll remember to blog more often than I do * blush*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A late night blog post.
School went back today, which means I'm back into working regular hours in the studio- fantastic!

This week I'm making up  new things from pool table felt off cuts. A wonderful person gave me a box of off cuts. They are lovely quality thick 100% wool felt. I've actually had the box sitting in the corner of my workroom for about a month while the ideas  have bubbled away in my head. I've quite a few ideas, so check back at the end of the week to see what else has taken form...

A lot of the felt is a wonderful green ( funny that), and the pieces are mostly long strips. Over the weekend I worked on a pattern for a novelty purse/basket made from felt leaves stitched together. Each leaf is had cut and stitched before being joined together, a bit of a challenge to get the pattern pieces right and the leaves so that they would be stable and stand up around the edge of the purse/basket. My thinking was that the little bag could be used as small carry bag/ purse or as a storage basket in a room or on a desk. It could also be fun as an Easter basket, for flowergirls or perhaps dress ups.

I've also been playing with making baby croc's. Little Croc shoes made from the offcuts, still working on the pattern as I'm not 100% happy with it yet.

New purses/bags made from pool table felt

crocodile baby shoes made from pool table felt

pixie purses from snooker table offcuts
I also managed to find a bit of time to make up a few more pixie purses from snooker table felt! The pixie purses are fully lined with vintage fabric with little holly hobbie style girls sewing, and spinning. I managed to find some perfectly matching zips in my large surplus zip collection, so they are 100% upcycled, love it when that happens. Have a great week, easy when its a short week.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Its going to be a goodie!

Wow. I'm quite possibly the worst blogger ever, my excuse is that if I get busy creating I often "forget" to blog about what I've been making.
This year I'm loving having my own workspace- thank you husband and Dad for creating my refuge where I can stitch and create and make a mess without disrupting the household!

Blanket zip purse, upcycled vintage blanket, doily and fabric

Bunting made from fabric pieces from the stash.

So here is a condensed update on whats been happening this January.

Tanners Point, low tide.
We had a lovely break away to Tanners Point, which is near Waihi Beach in the Bay of Plenty. It was wonderful to leave the city and spend a few lazy days kayaking, reading, eating local produce and just enjoying doing as little or as much as one wanted to do, and breathing the fresh sea salty air! While I was relaxing at the beach I knitted up 3 scarves and a pair of stripey socks from Happy Go Knitty hand dyed yarn. I hadn't knitted socks for quite a number of years so it was great to get a few tips from Helene of Happy go knitty and Belinda from Blendy knits again. I've worn my socks a few times( It is mid summer!), and other members of the household have expressed their desire for their own home made socks, so no doubt I'll be making a few more pairs for winter.

Its also been school holidays which means a little less productive "work" time but I have managed to sketch down lots of ideas for new products I want to create once we get back into the swing of school next week.
Last week I had a film crew visit for some filming in the studio. I tidied up because they were coming, and then the first thing they did was "untidy" as they wanted to show how I used vintage and surplus textiles to create my products. He he I should have realised my creative "mess" was actually of interest! I'll keep everyone posted with when my little spot will be on the telly.
Its Wedding season , and I have been busy with wonderful commissions for Weddings, some zip flower button holes for groomsmen, a few zip floral headpieces, and some custom blanket mice for table settings at a Alice in wonderland wedding reception. I love knowing something I made is part of someones very special day.

I also managed to find a little time to restore my vintage sewing work box. Its a rather wonderful useful contraption, the top layers open and extend out to house all my threads, and the bottom has drawers that I store my sewing tools in. When I found it the little wooden pieces that allow the tops to open and extend were broken, so I posted a few down to my Dad and he made up the replacement ones for me. It has squeaky caster wheels on the bottom so I can move it around the studio to where I'm working. I love it so much I bought another smaller one to store my buttons in, and to my delight when I opened it up I found lots of wooden reels of thread and some old lightening zips! Seems like it was meant to be!

the "before shot" of my sewing cabinet.
Currently I'm working on red zip flowers and a few little gifts for lovers of valentine's Day.... quite a nice way to pass the time...

Kisses for the Mrs, Blanket mouse.
Christmas Gingerbread sleigh, made at tanners point, iced with  an icing bag made from a plastic bag!