Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A late night blog post.
School went back today, which means I'm back into working regular hours in the studio- fantastic!

This week I'm making up  new things from pool table felt off cuts. A wonderful person gave me a box of off cuts. They are lovely quality thick 100% wool felt. I've actually had the box sitting in the corner of my workroom for about a month while the ideas  have bubbled away in my head. I've quite a few ideas, so check back at the end of the week to see what else has taken form...

A lot of the felt is a wonderful green ( funny that), and the pieces are mostly long strips. Over the weekend I worked on a pattern for a novelty purse/basket made from felt leaves stitched together. Each leaf is had cut and stitched before being joined together, a bit of a challenge to get the pattern pieces right and the leaves so that they would be stable and stand up around the edge of the purse/basket. My thinking was that the little bag could be used as small carry bag/ purse or as a storage basket in a room or on a desk. It could also be fun as an Easter basket, for flowergirls or perhaps dress ups.

I've also been playing with making baby croc's. Little Croc shoes made from the offcuts, still working on the pattern as I'm not 100% happy with it yet.

New purses/bags made from pool table felt


crocodile baby shoes made from pool table felt

pixie purses from snooker table offcuts
I also managed to find a bit of time to make up a few more pixie purses from snooker table felt! The pixie purses are fully lined with vintage fabric with little holly hobbie style girls sewing, and spinning. I managed to find some perfectly matching zips in my large surplus zip collection, so they are 100% upcycled, love it when that happens. Have a great week, easy when its a short week.