Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

Since the Earthquake in Christchurch my thoughts have been wandering often to friends in the South and now with the recent disaster in Japan it wanders even more. If you should see it wandering please spank its bottom and send it back.

I have some amazing events coming up including Kraftbomb, greylynn on the 27th March, and next month I'm off to Craft 2.0 in Wellington. Plus of course also in April there is that fabulous excuse to eat Chocolate- Easter!!

Preparations are well under way, I have some new products tucked patiently in the wings for craft 2.0 ( more about those in April). In the meanwhile here are some goodies as promised. Blanket Goodness; Owl Hottie covers, Blanket bears in vintage green & cream Kaipoi 100% wool blankets from CHCH. More colours available soon.

Also a little bit of an Easter Craft Ramble; My new vintage Bunny Ragdolls. These are all made from vintage textiles, doilies, and some retro velveteen that was left over from something my Mum made me in the 70's!The bunnies have fluffy tails made from old handmade lace ( except boy bunny his tail is a more manly piece of wool blanket!). They feel super soft and snuggly, I cut the velveteen so it runs down the rabbits and well, if I could I would spend all day stroking their yummy little floppy ears! The ears are lined in pieces of embroidered textiles, their clothes are all fashioned from vintage pieces from my stash under the bed! I spent quite a bit of time dithering about whether to dress them or leave them naked, because those little tails mean they are super cute sans clothes! Then I spent even more time working out how/what clothes, before working out that little dresses from vintage doilies were just the right thing! Miss M( age 9) has been enjoying watching their progress and has claimed baby bunny, I think we shall both be quite sorry to see them leave but I'm sure they will bring joy to kids big & small this easter!

And now for the housekeeping;

EarthQuake fundraising and donations;

Feltaid ( through I have donated a Zippitydoodah zipflower which sold within minutes so watch my facebook page for another zipflower for feltaid soon.
Lil Magoolie, I have donated a blanket bear to their fundraiser for CHCH, I will update my facebook page once thats online.
Craft 2.) Wellington I have donated a Morepork Doorstop so watch for details of that on facebook and closer to the event.


Kraft bomb Greylynn Community Centre 27th March 11am - 2pm

Devonport Craft Market:Community House, Clarence St, Devonport 10- 3pm April 2nd

CRAFT 2.0 WELLINGTON New Dowse Art Gallery, April 23rd 10 - 3.


  1. Hello friend,

    I was walking on the net and I found your blog your craft is beautiful ...

    Luciana's Atelier :)

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