Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spring Fling

I've been super busy lately with lots of fun projects. Firstly the Wooly Walk a Long which is a collective Yarn Bombing on the Devonport Wharf, Devonport, Auckland. It will hopefully remain there for the duration of the Rugby World cup. If you are in Auckland do take time out to go and see it as it is amazing, with over 90 pieces of knitting/ crotchet from over 9 different countries. Theres over 80 metres of knitted wooly goodness to see.

For my first piece I started out with the idea of travel; people would travel from around the Globe for the RWC, and also people would travel by ferry across the harbour to Devonport. So I came up with the idea of " the other side" which lead to " the grass is greener on this side" and well then along came sheep ( perfect since NZ has so many) so then the sheep became wooly walkalongs along the handrail on the wharf.

For my second piece, I spotted some impossibly furry red wool, which was just wanting to be made into Elmo - everybodies fav. furry red monster! I thought Elmo would be fun for kids to see when they went past the yarn bombing. Most of Elmos fans are rather short and I figured that if I made Elmos arms dangle from the railing they would spot them and interact with Elmo. Elmo has been enjoying meeting new friends and giving out lots of free hugs. He had a slight mishap when some meanies pulled off one of his arms, but luckily Elmo has an angel who found his arm and we were able to replace it!

My third piece for the Wooly Walkalong is called Lowri ( say Lowri like "low tree" but without the "t") in the sky with butterflies. Its a special piece for a friend who's missing their gorgeous daughter. You might wonder why its called ..butterflies when you can only see one there, sometimes you don't need to be able to see something to know its there.

I really enjoyed creating something that was just for fun, knowing that it would spread some random hapiness about Auckland. I hope you can find time to visit Devonport Wharf and have a photo with Elmo, and if not enjoy these photos and check out;

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  1. The wooly walk looks great - will have to pop across the bridge and take a closer look