Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wintertime Whimsies

Winter has come to my garden, the leaves have fallen and despite Mays record warm temps, the evenings have a bite to them, and we have started to use the fireplace again. My girls are enjoying taking their hotties to bed at night and I've noticed a surge in online hottie cover sales!
I've been busy sewing and creating to keep up with sales and to replenish the stocks after Craft2.0 in April, and to prepare for Craft 2.0 in wellington July 2nd.
I have some new products under development which I'll have to reveal a little closer to Craft 2.0, trust me they are worth waiting for and just what one needs this time of year.
In the meanwhile I have the hottie covers in wonderful new shades from peachy pink stripes, purples, tiffany green, and soft blues. Likewise the blanket bear family has expanded into lots of new colours, and the moko bears too have increased in number.
This weekend work starts on my artists retreat, I'm hoping we'll get the french doors in and perhaps the pink batts. It will be great to have a studio I can open up to clients who need something in between Kraftbomb and Devonport Craft Markets!


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  2. The blanket bears are cute :-)

  3. Hi there, I wasnt sure how to contact you, but to let you know I featured your brooch on my blog :)