Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once again , a totally shocking effort at blogging, but I have been remembering to update the facebook page, Forgive Me?
Lately I've been trying to organise my creative space, Is that really possible? I've had a huge sort of the thousands ( yes really) of zips I have into their colours and whether they are vintage or modern, so now have two rainbows of zips. Plus a bit of a sort out of some buttons and other notions and a reshuffle of the fabric stash. I'm hoping to move into my new studio by the end of October, and once that is sorted I'm happy for clients/friends to drop by for coffee and a browse of the always extending range of all things handmade & zipppie!

Plans are afoot for something new based on a vintage item I was lucky enough to inherit recently... watch this space, and since I'm a terrible blogger I'm thinking of merging the waste not , want knot blog with this one....

Heres a little selection of whats new...

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