Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This year is Marching on, At home we've been squirrelling away things for winter, and keeping true to the waste not want knot values, thats meant collecting tree fellings and trimmings for firewood and freezing the last of the home grown blueberries, we simply must have blueberry muffins for as long as possible.
It's also meant that I've been thinking of winter; and so I finally made up a few more Hottie cover designs that have been waiting patiently in my sketchbook of random thoughts and ideas.

Having a sketch book with all my ideas and thought that I dream up means that when I get stuck in a rut I can flip to a page and remember something I wanted to try but just didn't have time right then and there. Recently I looked at my stash of blankety goodness and found some solid pink blankets as well as some wonderful checks. I also through serendipity put one of the check blankets right next to an old favourite childhood book, and that is how the  Happy little whale hottie cover was born! I quite like the whale hottie cover it reminds me of  " save the whales" which fits in with my trying to recycle and remake to make new. Some of the new hotties have already been sent to Australia and Canada and germany, I love it when they go off on worldwide travels.

On feb 22nd I found myself distracted thinking about the Christchurch Earthquake that had happened exactly a year ago. While I was remembering I was working on my pattern for the Ellie purses, cute little elephant purses that unzip when you pull their tails, perhaps my subconcious was making me make elephants because they remember and care for their family groups. Those giant creatures really are quite special.

I hope you like my new hottie covers and blankety things which have evolved over Feb/March. Hopefully I'll remember to blog more often than I do * blush*

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