Friday, February 5, 2010

ZippityDooDah Valentine

Apologies I have been so busy making zippitydoodahs I haven't been posting! I have been concentrating on developing new flowers and new ideas, I love exercising my creative muscles!
FEB 14th Valentines Day is next week, here is my ZippityDooDah Valentine, I've listed it at

A truly unique valentine from ZippityDooDah.

This little object de art unzips to reveal the beauty within.

"the sweetest flower that blows

I give you as we part

For you it is a rose

For me it is my heart." Frederick Peterson.

I have been thinking for weeks what would be the sweetest Zippitydoodah valentine, it had to be handmade and follow the philosophy of my zippitydoodah flowers, I was also thinking of word plays with "beautiful heart" and beauty on the inside, and here is the result.

A teeny purse unzips to reveal itself as a beautiful heart filled with zippitydoodah red roses. You could even add a teeny folded personal message to surprise the recipient.

I hope you like it as much as I do, you can keep it as a little object de art to remind you that beauty comes from within or if you prefer I can add a brooch pin so you can wear your heart on your sleeve or where-ever you like.

Size when zipped up = 6cm length x 3.7cm width

Size when unzipped = 6cm length x 7.2cm width

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